October Wrap-Up + November TBR

October was spooky month and I decided I needed to rectify the small number of horror novels that I have picked up in the last year. Of the 16 books that I read this month, 8 of them were horror stories. This was completely accidental. I had one that I planned to read but never finished that was horror, but the rest were unplanned. Part of this was my further exploration of H.P. Lovecraft after reading The City We Became, which criticized his works. I read The Shadow Over Innsmouth in September, which I didn’t really like, but I decided to continue with his works. I found a list of stories to start with and I have been following its suggestions to the letter, but I think he’s just not my author. A lot of describing something as scary, but not actually describing it, plus a ton of questionable character work. I am still planning to pick up one more from him, but I probably will only continue if I have a specific mood. My favourite of his so far was The Music Of Erich Zahn, which was the only one that was even remotely thrilling.

Sadly my problem with current reads just continues to get bigger. I again started more books this month than I finished pushing current reads higher. I want to make this a goal, but with my actual year goals in jeopardy, I will actually be focusing on those over everything else.

These are the books I read last month in the order I finshed them. I read 8 horror stories, 4 fantasy novels, 1 sci-fi, 1 contemporary romance, 1 mystery, 1 historical fantasy, and 1 non-fiction. 4 were targeted at a YA audience and the rest were adult reads. Here’s a rating breakdown

The Silence
⭐⭐This Is How I Lied, Pickman’s Model
⭐⭐⭐The Call Of Cthulhu, The Resurrectionist, Dunwich Horror
⭐⭐⭐.5The Cats Of Ulthar, Nine Algorithms That Changed The Future, The Code to Love and Heartbreak, The Residence
⭐⭐⭐⭐The Last Wish, The Music Of Erich Zahn, Ultraviolet, Mexican Gothic, The Archive of The Forgotten, The Seventh Perfection, A Golden Fury
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Forest Of Souls

None of my reads this month were really surprising or disappointing. The Resurrectionist was probably the most strange book I read though. It was actually categorized as non-fiction in my library, which is completely laughable if you even look at the cover. There were a ton of creepy diagrams, but the actual content of the book was just ok.

November TBR

I’m going to be keeping this section short, as I have become very bad at actually following these lists. My main goal is to complete challenge reads, so those are the only books that I will list.

I will be going into a little bit more detail with my derailed plans in my Goal Update, which will be coming I swear, but this is a smaller selection that I am hoping to finish this month. I have already started Thrawn on this list, and the rest I have easy access to, so I am just hoping that I can get them quickly. I’m going to start with shorter books, so I will be reading the two novellas, To Be Taught, If Fortunate and One Word Kill, first in order to check some off the list, but I really need to get a move on, as some of these are almost 1000 pages long.

What are you reading this month? I seem to be participating in Sci-fi Month accidentally with all of these sci-fi picks. Leave a comment down below and be sure to like and follow me for future updates and reviews! Happy Reading!

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